“Comfort, to solve
your problems with dentures”

What is “Comfort”?

It’s a totally new denture which can solve problems, such as “pain”, “becoming loose”, and “cannot chew”.
“Comfort” can be applied to both newly made denture and current denture. It’s available in certified dental clinics.

Suitable cases

  • Having trouble
    with dentures for a long time

    Having problems, such as pain, becoming loose, irritation, or cannot chew.

  • Considering getting
    dental implants

    Thinking about getting implants, but don’t want risks, such as surgery.

  • Having trouble in daily lives
    because of tooth loss

    You want a good one for your first denture which enables you to chew well.

Why “Comfort” is chosen

  • Pain-free and can chew well

    Plastic resin area of a denture is covered with special silicone which relieves pressure on gum to reduce pain when you chew. You will be able to eat even hard foods, so you don’t have to care what you eat anymore.

  • Stable and doesn’t come off

    By its elasticity, special silicone acts like cupules. It creates great adsorption even your jaw moves around while eating, and it won’t come off during conversation or meals. Also, foods won’t get stuck between your denture and your gum anymore.

  • No surgery and safe

    There’s no need of having surgery like implants. The only necessary thing is just taking an impression of your mouth with dental material, so everyone can use it without any worries.

Spreading worldwide

“Comfort” was born in a super aging society, Japan, and now used in 8,000 clinics which equals to 1 out of 10 clinics in Japan. It’s now spreading worldwide, mainly in Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and China.


User’s Voice

  • My gums don’t hurt at all.

    With my old dentures, it hurt a lot. After changing to “Comfort”, there’s no pain, so I eat anything, even rice crackers. I feel that I am very fortunate to have “Comfort” and being able to eat anything. So, I’m truly enjoying my daily lives.

  • I don’t have any problems thanks to “Comfort”.

    Like dental technicians, making dentures for people with bad teeth gives patients joy. I admire those workers, and doing something for people with bad teeth means a lot to us.

  • Biting force became so strong.

    Before, I didn’t want to eat hard foods, but recently, I eat anything. I’m very thankful. I was so impressed that he could bite so strong without any pain even he’s wearing a denture.

Exclusive denture cleaner

For you to use Comfort for a long time without any worries, we have an exclusive denture cleaner.
Please order at the certified clinic where you made Comfort.

  • clene

    Kills 99.9% of candida albicans. Usable for all types of dentures (except for titanium base).

  • clene metal guard

    Dedicated for metal base dentures. Protects metal from tarnish.

  • clene melt

    Melts down plaque and tartar. Natural acid is included, so it’s eco-friendly.

  • clene white

    Cleans tough stains caused by tea or cofee, and cigarette.

4 steps to make “Comfort”

  • Going to
    a certified clinic

  • Taking impression of
    your mouth

  • Comfort denture

  • Getting a denture
    after 1~2 weeks

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Q1.Can I use “Comfort” on my current denture?
A1.Yes. However, it may not be possible depending on the condition of your denture.
Q2.Is “Comfort” applicable to any types of dentures?
A2.It can be applied to various types, such as complete denture, partial denture, etc.
Q3.How much is the cost?
A3.It will cost about 1500USD ~ 3000USD including denture.
The cost depends on country, region, and clinics, so please contact your closest certified clinic.
Q4.Can I use it permanently?
A4.You can use it for about 4~5 years. *It’s because the condition of your mouth change by time, and your denture become unfitted.
Q5.Do I have to care for “Comfort”?
A5.For you to use it for a long time, we suggest to use our exclusive cleaner “clene”.
Q6.Is it availble at any clinics?
A6.No. It’s only available at certified clinics.

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