“Everything we do, is for smiles of denture
uses around the world.”


Global aging is accerelating, and life expectancy is becoming longer and longer, so increasing number of elderly people are in need of prosthesis, such as denture. However, there are too many problems.
Thus, by providing high quality denture, we want to make their life brighter. Even after teeth are gone, we want them to enjoy eating any foods they like, and laugh with their mouth wide open.
・Providing high quality denture which enables you to chew well. (Quality)
・Making the society where wearing denture is not to be ashamed of. (Bland)
Through a framework to provide these two things, we proceed to fulfill our philosophy.

Service introduction

  • Comfort

    Soft reline denture “Comfort”

    It’s our unique denture which has reline on mucosal surface by soft biocompatible silicone which can be applied to both complete and partial dentures. It’s painless, and improvement of occlusal force and stabiity can be expected.
    We are providing “Comfort” to clinics and university hospitals mainly in Japan and ASEAN countries, and now looking for partner clinics. Click here for further information.


    Biggest clinic group “HILIFE Group”

    We run denture clinics by denture expert dentists and technicians who provide high quality dentures in Japan. There are 21 clinics now, and it’s expanding dramatically.

  • clene

    Denture care product “clene”

    We have highly functional denture cleaner “clene series” for different types of denture materials and “Comfort Tissue Conditioner III” for tissue conditioning of mucosa of denture users.

Corporate information

Company Address 3F, 2-14-12, Tsukishima, Chuo, Tokyo, 104-0052, JAPAN
Date founded Feburary, 2004
CEO Yusuke Washizu
Capital 50million yen
Board Members

President Yusuke Washizu

Board Director Hiroki Sano

Board Director Michihiro Yoshida

Main Businesses Comfort Business / HILIFE Business / Design, production, distribution of denture related products
Certification・Qualification ISO13485:2003 / Registered medical device manufacturer /Second-class medical device marketing authorization holders
Company Website http://www.bitecglobal.jp/

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