“Worldwide Comfort,
with high user satisfaction”

What is “Comfort”?

“Comfort” is a totally new denture to reline mucosa by using our own biocompatible silicone as denture liner.
As a denture liner, it does not degrade with time, and it enhances occlusal force, adosorption, and stability, and relieves stress on mucosa.

Suitable cases

  • Having trouble
    with dentures for a long time

    Having problems, such as pain, becoming loose, irritation, or cannot chew.

  • Considering getting
    dental implants

    Thinking about getting implants, but don’t want risks, such as surgery.

  • Having trouble in daily lives
    because of tooth loss

    You want a good one for your first denture which enables you to chew well.

Why “Comfort” is chosen

  • Relieves stress and pain, Makes denture stable.

    Our unique thin silicone (approx. 0.8mm) is applied on mucosal surface, and its softness similar to ridge mucosa (*0.82 MPa) continues. By dispersing stress on mucosa, it relieves pain and looseness, and improve patients’ satisfaction greatly.

  • Occlusal force has doubled compared to resin base denture

    By conducting questionnaire to 119 users on foods they can eat, their types of food they can eat increased. In another test, it was found out that their masticatory score has improved dramatically.

  • No need of special equipment

    Not like implants, there’s no need of special equipment. You can use tissue conditioner in your clinic, so it can be made as an extention of normal denture making process.

Spreading worldwide

“Comfort” was born in a super aging society, Japan, and now used in 8,000 clinics which equals to 1 out of 10 clinics in Japan. It’s now spreading worldwide, mainly in Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and China.


User’s Voice

  • My patient became able to eat steaks.

    He wasn’t able to eat anything because of flat ridge, but he became able to eat steaks! After he made “Comfort”, he gave me a letter which said he is now able to eat steaks and he feels like he became young again.

  • My patient was crying withh joy.

    I wasn’t so sure about Comfort for the first case, but the patient was crying with joy. She could only eat soft foods. When she changed his denture to Comfort, she said “I didn’t know changing denture would make such a big difference!” and “It was worth paying for.”

  • My patient enjoys meals with his grand children.

    When he came, he said “I want to enjoy eating with my family, like my grandchildren and my children!”After changing to “Comfort”, he told me he goes to the beach and swimming pool with his grandchildren, and, he can now eat anything with his grandchildren. I am very glad to hear that, and it was worth trying for.

Exclusive cleaner “clene”

By cleaning “Comfort” by its exclusive cleaner “clene”, it prevents buildup of bacterial colony on silicone.
Users will be able to use “Comfort” for a long time cleanly.

  • clene

    Kills 99.9% of candida albicans. Usable for all types of dentures (except for titanium base).

  • clene metal guard

    Dedicated for metal base dentures. Protects metal from tarnish.

  • clene melt

    Melts down plaque and tartar. Natural acid is included, so it’s eco-friendly.

  • clene white

    Cleans tough stains caused by tea or cofee, and cigarette.

Steps to order “Comfort” (How to order: For clinic)

  • Taking dynamic impression by using tissue conditioner.

  • Patient use the denture with tissue conditioner appled for a few days to check how it feels.

  • Comfort production by Comfort specialist technician from Japan

  • Delivery, Setting and Maintainance

High price earnings ratio by providing highest quality denture ever.

  • Differentiation of service
    from other clinics

    We will make an exclusive agreement in your region, so your clinic will be able to provide high quality and high price denture which others cannot.

  • Sending Comfort
    specialist technician

    To every partner clinic, we will send a Japanese technician who will make all Comfort dentures ordered to your clinic.

  • Additional products to create
    high price earnings ratio

    You can expect high price earning ratio not only by Comfort, but also by its exclusive denture cleaner “clene” for daily use.

Looking for partner clinics who wants to provide “Comfort”.

We are looking for partner clinics across the globe who wishes to provide “Comfort” in your clinic.

Steps to provide “Comfort” in your clinic

  • Please contact through the form below. Our staff will reply you soon.

  • Market research/Agreement

  • Trial test/Introduction(technical support)/Sending

  • Start of marketing


Q1.How long does “Comfort” last?
A1.It depends on patients. In average, it lasts 3~5 years
Q2.Can I use silicone impression material?
A2.No. Please take dynamic impression by using tissue conditioner.
Q3.Can I use normal denture cleaner sold in pharmacy?
A3.Since silicone is often affected by candida, please use denture cleaner “clene” which was developed for “Comfort”.
Q4.What will a Japanese technician do?
A4.We send our Japanese technician to partner clinics to make “Comfort”. Equipment and so on will be discussed when making an agreement.
Q5.Can all dentists use “Comfort”?
A5.If you become our partner clinic, you will be able to use “Comfort” exclusively in your region or country. By doing that, you will be able to differentiate your service from other clinics.
Q6.Is it possible to set that high price for a denture?
A6.Denture is normally cheap, and users cannot chew well because of pain. However, “Comfort” is high quality and enables users to chew well, so it’s different from normal dentures. In many countries, “Comfort” is provided at a cost of 2000~4000USD.
“Comfort” can meet the needs of those who cannot do implant, or those who do not want to have surgery, and wants to chew well.
Q7.Is it possible to do a trial?
A7.Yes. We have 2 months trial plan. Please contact us for further information.

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